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Packaged w/ phone Phone, AC adapter charger Phone, DT Charger, battery, handstrap Phone, Lilon Battery, AC adapter charger, software, data cables Date Kit, Slim Lilon battery, DT charger, software
Features & Benefits *Internal Battery *Hotswap battery options *10 ring types *Multi-lingual menu *Web Ready *Clamshell design *Full matrix graphic display *Voice Dialing *Voice Memo (10 min) *Headset Jack *Vibrator alert + Var. of rings (9+4) *179 Phone Bk loc. *20 voice dial loc. *Compact design *Smart Button for easy navigation *One touch voicemail access *VirbaCall Alert with 9 ringer options *TrueSync Software package * "Smart Phone" *PDA Mode *T9 type recognition *Full matrix; 11 line display *Voice Commands *10 ringer modes *Headset Compatible *Store 1000 numbers
Phone Statistics *Lilon: 2.5 hrs. talk/130 s-by dig; /45 min talk/15hrs. S-by analog *5.5 oz *4.4"x2.0"x1.0" *Lilon: 2.5 hrs. talk/130 s-by dig; 45 min tlk/15 hrs s-by analog *5.5 oz *4.4"x2.0"x1.0" *Lilon: 2.4 hrs. talk/170 s-by dig; 1.5 hrs tlk/24 hrs s-by analog *4.5 oz *2.2"x1.1"x3.7" *Lilon 2.5 hrs. talk/40 hrs. standby *6.4 oz *5.5"x2.0"x1.0"
Data Browser Ready Browser Ready Browser Ready Browser Ready
Sprint PCS Warranty Within one year of the date of purchase, customer may return their defective phone for a free replacement (void if equipment abused or damaged or if the phone case has been opened or the battery charged with a non-Sprint PCS charger.)

Sprint PCS Return Policy Sprint PCS has a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on it's products. A full refund (except airtime used) can be issued if within the 14 day period. All equipment must be returned (including box, packing material, charger, battery, instruction manual, ectů)