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Sprint has introduced it's NEW Free and Clear plans that are effective May 1st. The new plans include one of three options; Long Distance, Night & Weekend Minutes, or Wireless Web at no additional charge. A second option can be added for free with a one year term Advantage Agreement. Or the additional options can be added for $10.00 per month to the customer's monthly rate.

Long Distance: This lets the customer get all their local and long distance calls without any additional charges when made on the Sprint PCS nationwide network. Roaming charges still apply when not on the network. Without this option Long distance calls are an additional $0.15 cents per minute.

Night & Weekend Minutes: This option gives you extra minutes during off peak hours, equal to the minutes in the service plan chosen. ( Off-peak hours are M-Th 8pm - 7am, F 8pm - M 7am) For example, $49.99 per month gives you 500 anytime minutes and 500 Night & Weekend minutes.

Sprint PCS Wireless Web: This option is the same that we have been selling, but now it is an option customer's can receive for free with their plans. This option allows the customer to use all of their minutes as either voice or data minutes. 200 additional updates can be purchased for an extra $10.00 per month. ( They will no longer have the $1.99 option.)

Sprint has also changed their pricing plans. Now there are 8 options from $19.99 to $299.99  (see below).
Add-A-Phone has come down in its price to only $10.00 per phone, and now you can add up to 4 phones to the original phone purchased.

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You will need to determine 

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  • Decide on the minute plan you would like and the add-on package you want.

  • Decide whether you are going on a month-to-month basis or choose a contract period.

  • Choose the phone you want (of the ones offered, below).

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