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Reach your prime target audiences!

Every month, millions of users access the Quik Internet site, using its rich collection of content to enrich their Internet experience. Through our uniquely designed portal format, we’ve dramatically increased both the number of visitors and the length of time they spend on the site.

Our pages are filled with a wide range of content, including information, entertainment, education and computing resources. All of which makes possible a strong advertising banner program.

Ad banners are placed at the top of our key pages, both those that are viewed by local and global audiences. You can target your ad to specific cities or countries, producing as many impressions as needed by your campaign strategy.

Ad Banner Rate Card Standard Rates: $35.00 per 1000.

Banner Dimensions:
Size: 370 x 60 pixels
10K maximum file size
Must be in GIF format

Inserting your ads
For information on available banner positions and schedules, please contact the Quik H.B. Advertising Department:

Voice: (714) 968-3049
Fax: (714) 964-9165
Mail: Quik Internet of Huntington Beach
10226 Janaca Cir.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Attention: Advertising Department

Note: Quik Internet reserves the right to refuse any advertising material due to content.