Where to Find FTP and ZIP Programs

If you don't already have an FTP program, you will need one.

For MAC users:
we recommend
Fetch and decompression program - evaluation copy of Stuffit Expander from Aladdin Systems' Web site

For PC users:
we recommend
WS_FTP(Win 3.1) or WS_FTP32(Win 95/NT)
PC users needing a decompression program, can get an evaluation copy of WinZip from WinZip's Web site . CuteFTP is another very good FTP shareware program and is available on the Internet.

For a start you can use the FTP software that is integrated into their HTML design program. For example, the following popular programs have a Publish feature: Netscape Navigator Gold, HotDog Pro, DeltaPoint's QuickSite, Claris Home Page Maker, Microsoft Publisher 97. Microsoft FrontPage is a special case if you have a FrontPage enabled site (Premium Web Site).