When you consider all that Quik Internet has to offer, you’ll understand why Quik is the world’s fastest growing network of local Internet service providers.

Fastest Modem
We know you hate slow Internet feeds as much as we do. That’s why each Quik Internet local office supports 56k modems, currently the fastest standard line modems you can buy. We also support the v.90 international standard.

Fastest Servers
As dedicated "speed freaks", we were determined from the beginning to build our entire Internet system around the fastest technology we could find. That’s why we chose to use IBM RS/6000 servers, the fastest web servers on the planet.

Low User-to-Modem Ratios
We keep our user-to-modem ratios down to 6 or 8 potential users for each one of our modems. The lower the ratio, the more likely you are to get online when you want to.

Unlimited Access
When you join us, you can count on spending as much time as you like surfing, chatting, enjoying, etc. With Quik’s unlimited access policy, you’ll find one of the best values on the Net.

Unlimited E-Mail
Your account includes a unique e-mail address (e.g. mailto:yourname@city.quik.com) plus the ability to send and receive as many separate e-mail messages as you like.

Easy Installation
You can sign up online through our Online Signup Page or Offline by contacting your local Quik Internet office. In both cases, you’ll receive our easy to use Installation CD, including a dozen free software programs (Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Real Player, etc.) to enhance your online experience. Installation is quick, uncomplicated and hassle-free!

Free 10 MB Web Site
Quik has one of the best FREE web space offers on the Net. Use it to build a very attractive home page for yourself and your family. Or set up a site for your business!

Best Local Service
Quik has staffed local offices in over a hundred cities around the world. This underscores our commitment to caring, local service. Should a problem occur, nothing beats having someone local to solve it for you.

Free Internet Training
Quik Internet offices offer free training meetings several times a month—even weekly. For old pros and new users alike, these meetings are perfect for learning basic and advanced tips on navigation, new software, interesting sites and much more. Contact your local Quik Internet office for details on meeting times and dates.

Best Chat
You’re going to love the Chat featured at Quik. Meet interesting people, exchange stories, pursue hobbies, or simply gossip!.

Best News
Quik puts a large array of the latest news at your fingertips. You’ll get breaking national headlines direct from Reuters, the latest sports, and links to local news media.

Best Prices
Quik’s rates begin at an affordable $19.95* per month. No other provider gives you so much for so little.

Payment is easy
It’s as simple as using your MasterCard, Visa or check. Each month, we’ll automatically bill you for the amount due. Businesses and organizations may apply for an Invoiced Business Account.

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