Horoscopes.com - Have your daily horoscope emailed to you for free. If you believe in astrology like I do, then this is a must!

Bluemountain.com - I know you have heard of this site! Send your friends, business associates, or family, an electronic greeting card. It's free and easy and offers cards in 8 different languages! Why not cheer somebody up or just say hello.

MP3.com - Looking for the latest mp3's? Then check out mp3.com - Choose from 20 different categories of music and more.

Shareware.com -Those guys from CNET - They have all the cool free stuff! At Shareware.com you can search for literally thousands of programs, from the very popular to the obscure.

Davecentral.com - This is a really "cool" site. Dave is the computer guru who lives next door and he's always there for you. Whether you are looking for free downloads for windows products, or are interested in anything Linux - Go see dave!

Shockwave.com - Do you know what shockwave is? Did you ever see a "FLASH" website? This is certainly going to be the wave of the future! This is "way cool".

Treeloot.com - This site is "Super Cool"! You have to find a pixel (a little dot) in a tree. If you locate the dot you win $30,000. That's right they're giving away $30,000 everyday! Happy Hunting .

Whatis.com - Do you have a question about the internet or your computer hardware/software? If so, you have to check out whatis.com. This is a great site! They offer a glossary of terms from A-Z about the Internet and computers, servers, etc....

Zmedia.com -This is a really cool and innovative site. You can subscribe to receive daily jokes, recipes, freebies, cartoons, etc. In your email. It's 100% free to join and it's well worth it!