Microsoft Front Page '98

Below are the steps for finding and configuring the settings for Microsoft FrontPage 98. These instructions were designed for Microsoft FrontPage 98 version 3.0.2.   The following will only work if your domain website is correctly configured to support FrontPage 98 server extensions.  If you are not sure if your website supports FrontPage 98 extensions, please contact us or read the instructions listed below.

Instructions listed below are steps to publish <Root Web> from the Local Web (localhost - your computer) to the <Root Web> on our server, Remote Web ( . Please make the necessary substitutions to follow our examples if your domain name is not of the typical format (e.g or If you did not receive your website's FrontPage login information for your domain website, please contact us by sending email to

Please follow these pre-publishing instructions.

1.   Open your local(your computer) RootWeb whichyou wish to publish to the remote(our server) Web.

2.   Launch your FrontPage Explorer and click File from the menubar and select Open FrontPage Web. You should now see a window similar to the screen capture below. Throughout these directions "localhost" refers to the name of the local computer. You should now see your "Root Web", which is located on the local computer. If you do not see your local web, you will need to choose More Webs... to change the Web server location. After selecting your local web, click OK. Your local web should now be displayed in the FrontPage Explorer.

3.   If you are ready to publish the Web which is displayed in FrontPage Explorer, click File from the menubar and select Publish FrontPage Web. You should now see a Publish FrontPage Web window similar to the one below. Type in the location as seen below, replacing with your domain. Then click OK.

Figure 2

4.   Now you should see a Publish window displaying your RootWeb, similar to the one below. You are ready to publish. Click OK.

5.   Before your files are published, will be prompted for the username and password. In the username field, type in your FTP username(in the format and in the password field, type in your FTP password. Click OK. Your files should begin publishing. If your username and password are not accepted, double check to make sure you are using the correct username and password. If problems continue, please contact us by sending email to